Are we only concerned with “who’s the boss?” A lesson from ‘The Shack’

The ShackFrom an author’s mind we see what they see and we believe we know what they believe…(confused yet?)and this is what makes fiction so fascinating. You can take parts of the truth: setting, people, objects and ideas- and turn into something that will literally crush the systems we have set up for ourselves.

If you have not read “The Shack”  by William Paul Young, go read it. In fact a review of The Shack is available if you want to glean just a little bit from it. This book had some pieces in it I could not let go and it was a wake up call for me. Whatever we think of God now, it will change after reading this bit of fiction. Here’s a snippet or blurb of what the book is all about:

Mackenzie Allen Philips took his family on a trip in Oregon and during the trip his little girl Missy is abducted and presumed murdered. Four years later, he receives a mysterious note requesting him to return to the shack and this is where his Great Sadness will be confronted by an even greater God, but what and who he encounters will confound his mind and the readers’ minds because nothing is as it seems and William Paul Young makes sure he includes theology along with literary magic and sensitivity.”(From The Norfolk Christian Fiction Examiner)

In this book God is portrayed by a black woman whom Mackenzie loving calls, “Papa”, Sarayu is an Asian woman-the Holy Spirit, and Jesus seems to be of an Indian or Arabic race. I loved this story because it did not give us the traditional “look” of what God may appear to be.

Anyway, there is a part of the story where the main character questions Jesus about hierarchy and systems of government. The character, Mackenzie feels that it was a good idea that people created governments and economics and that we have religion. In the story, however, Jesus frowns upon this. We as people feel as if only true relationships can exist if someone is in control.

In the story, God, the Holy Spirit(Sarayu) and Jesus all sat at a table together just having conversation and having a joyous time with it.

So who was in charge in this circle?

God wanted to have a relationship with the main character, the same relationship he has with the Holy Spirit and Jesus.

The same one he wants to have with you. Only we are concerned with “Who’s the boss?”

This is what causes rifts in friendships, relationships, church businesses- why does there have to be a hierarchy. Can’t we just respect and love one another for who God made us to be? Sure we are so used to systems that now our minds depend upon it for order.

Love has no order. It is what it is.

Just like God is “I am that I am”

He just is.

Read the book, then read the Holy Word. Pray, communicate with God.

He wants a relationship with you.

Share this post with friends and family and be blessed!  🙂


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