One Piece: What Makes Us Stronger?

 One Piece, Franky's House

One Piece is an anime about pirates on a long…really long journey and Luffy, a boy who can stretch his body,wants to be King of the Pirates someday, and already he has shown excellent leadership skills in who he chooses to sail with.

In one particular episode which spans a few episodes, Luffy has to fight one of the toughest world government alive and we are reminded: with each journey, we are made stronger.

I thought about my own trials. What have I been through that has made me stronger? When I look back, some of my trials were small compared to now: As a child, Math was just not my strong suit. Sure, I was okay at it, but was horrible at it in middle school. At times I was not a good friend to myself and therefore not great to others either. I was very antisocial(still a bit shy now).

As I got older, my “journey” or experiences became more serious: learning to be a respectful daughter, learning about who God is, trying but failing to avoid temptations- and losing loved ones.

And then, even more serious events: losing old friends and new friends either to death or just growing apart, learning to be a good wife, learning to love those who do not love me back, and losing a father, mother in law, friend and then some.

Yeah, I understand what Luffy and them are going through.

But let’s take it deeper- Jesus knows what we are going through too. He was lied on, lied to, abused, and killed.

But He rose, ever stronger and gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Job was made stronger from his trials too. Check out what he says,

But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.”-Job 23:10

Now back to One Piece, what made Luffy and the gang stronger was not wishing and hoping. Nor was it gaining more weapons on board(although that certainly helps).

What helped them was that each journey since Episode 1 made each of them stronger in some way.They are coming “forth as gold”. Each foe gets more difficult to defeat. Each battle seems more daunting than the next. And right now he has to remember every fight, every lesson because CP9 is no joke.

Sounds familiar?

I could not help comparing this episode with my own life.

With each failure, each financial setback, each demonic foe, each loss, I am growing in faith.

For today, for this week, heck, for this whole journey of your life, think of Job, think of Christ, think of King David. And  if you are an anime fan like me, think Luffy and the Strawhat pirates and how much they have grown over the course of their journey to and through the Grand Line in their search of the One Piece.

God Bless yall! 🙂

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