Keep it Real: Evil is Evil, Psychology Has its Place

Maleficent, From Wikia

A while back, I did a post on Dragon Ball’s Vegeta and how we should “check ourselves” before we become just like him.

He was evil.

However, Vegeta goes through a growth period and we warm up to him a bit. Hey, he has children now in the animation, but he’s still same ol’ Vegeta.

Now, we have movies and books that tell us:  “There is no one truly evil. Only ill people or those who’ve had a hard life.”

Is this true? Has evil been written off the books? And now everything has a *gulp*…psychological reason?

Hmmm, let’s take a horrible trip backwards to some “ill” acts committed by humans, beginning with recent news.

The Santa Barbara Killer, “who vowed to slaughter women that rejected him”

Boy Stabs Girl, who turned down prom date.

Virginia Naval Station shooting.

And not only that, recently a pastor had allegedly raped a young girl in her own home.

A bank was robbed this week in my neck of the woods.

And on and on…

Remember Columbine? 9/11? Sandy Hook? Virginia Tech…?

Need I say more? These acts were crimes against humans. Plain and simple.

Yet, we have Maleficent out and CT has explored the movie in depth(I have not seen it, so I can’t judge it yet), and they ask a valid question: Why are we going back to an evil character’s origins? Will this make us understand them more? Are we now looking to pity monsters?

I say, if we know their history- what now? What will we do with these facts?

Let me be real clear here. I am the first to think of determining factors since I love social sciences. We all have had bad starts and are probably having a bad day/evening right now.

And many will not blame us for a snappy ‘tude or the occasional blast of “Leave me alone!”

But to harm another soul?

What boundary do these people push past when they can just give up and literally kill another person? And if all evil have origins, how come many of us have the reason and excuse to choke/maim/kill someone- yet never do it?

I am trying hard not make this a long post, I will revisit when I can. I am simply asking the question: Does knowing the origin of evil make it less evil?

Do the scales magically fall from our eyes now that we know why?

Here is my own hypocritical moment: I write stories involving monsters. Sure I do. Because I believe they have a story- all wicked creatures have an origin, but if there is no redemption in the end, or no repentance, why bother?

*One particular author I just enjoy reading is Wendy Alec. Her books tell of Lucifer’s beginnings, but in my opinion, she keeps it biblical, with some fantastical elements there to propel the story.


Home in on the discussion. What are your thoughts? Do you have examples, Scriptures, other insight to share? Also, share this post with anyone who may need it! 🙂




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