Nico Robin is Holding On

A woman who wanted to die. Who believed in nothing and no one, suddenly cries out for the only person who has shown her great kindness.

Her name is Nico Robin. She was cool, confident and such a huge help to Luffy and the other crew of pirates  She would barely smile at times, but she was always so knowledgeable about everything and can speed read faster than a cheetah could run. Then in later episodes- we see her trust tested. While being kicked, slapped, punched and hanging on to a shred of life she cries out for Luffy.

Nico Robin is Holding On

And while her perfect, white teeth bites into the hard granite of the wall, blood fizzling down her cracked lips- she shouts “I still believe in you Luffy!”

Now, back to us.

I know  at times I just can’t face the hypocrisy of this world. The struggle. The gossip. The angst. And now an Ebola Stricken Country on top of that. What in the world are we to do?

For the last few episodes of One Piece, Nico Robin screams for help and Luffy and his pals are fighting wicked men on her behalf and it appears they will never save her from Spandam’s evil grip. And with one great cry, she says she believes.

I can’t think of a point in my life when I screamed out I believed in God. Believed that he will help me, heal me and shake my rigid foundations of man-taught theologies and reality television philosophies.

I think I need to shout from the rooftops of God’s grace and how much I love Him.

Do I believe God will come rescue me? Rescue us? It looks like a very dark hour right now and the devil has some hair wrapped around his fist as he tries to drag some away to a dark future.

And we want to believe that like Superman, Batman, or Luffy- He will come when we call.

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”-James 4:7 NIV


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