Toph’s Simple Instruction: Start With Move a Rock

Avatar: Toph  Illustration by v2-6 for

First of all, Happy New Year to our fellow bloggers and anyone else reading our blog 🙂

In the hit Nickelodeon animation, The Last Airbender, Aang must master the elements: water, fire and earth. Because he is a born airbender, air and water comes easy to him. Fire and earth? Not so much. So he enlists the help of Toph Bei Fong, a blind but masterful earthbender. He is amazed at how she can make “Rockwear” suits, blow down boulders and shift caverns with ease.

He wants to learn all of it pronto.

But she tells him sternly: “Let’s start with move a rock.”

In other words, you are focusing on this herculean task of being a master overnight and it will not happen. Can we focus on moving a tiny piece of granite first?

Isn’t that how New Years is? We have a list of all the things we want to do right now:

  • Perk up
  • Shape up
  • Love more
  • Make more
  • Learn a new language
  • Open up a business
  • Cut off dead friendships
  • Pay down debts

We feel that after 12 months of whatever sludge we’ve been through, the fact that we label today the 1st of January we can finally begin to change for the better.

I am like this as well. In fact I have one main goal this year to share with everyone: I just want to abide in the Lord Christ more.

I have a few other things on my list to try and change to make my life even better than last year.

But instead of creating boulders and making huge rocks spin and fly through the air, like Aang I just need to move a small  rock.

Start with the little thing first. That mustard seed.

So that you would not be burdened or frustrated that you may not keep your resolution list, try to remember that faith begins with the mustard seed(Matthew 13:31 NIV). Jesus did not mention having a boulder of faith although some claim they have king sized faith- we know that a mustard seed grows fast and that Jesus may have been referring to any tiny seed.

The key thing is that as humans, our minds can hold a lot of information, including our goals. It can be daunting sometimes trying to complete everything. I’m an everything person. I like knowing it all. Doing it all.

But I feel right now as I felt when I was fifteen- that I need to continue cultivating that love walk with Christ that began so long ago.

Because the most important thing in the world to God, is to love Him.

That’s it.




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