Have You Been in This Praise and Bless Cycle?

Image by mørt’n

After El Shaddai blesses, what do we do next?

The Pray and Bless Cycle.

I never thought of this before. Typically our(my) prayer-blessing life goes in this order:

  • A negative situation happens.
  • I earnestly seek God and his Word. I pray.
  • I am blessed.
  • I go on about my business until the next disaster strikes(see first bullet point)
  • and the cycle continues…

What do we do next?

Don’t Forget to Remember.

We forget. We always forget.

Remember four years ago when you prayed for peace in your family’s home? Well, continue to thank God daily for it.

Remember when you wanted that job so badly but God told you to wait? Well, thank Him that you waited. It was not for you.

A long time ago, God split the sea for the Israelites to pass. He provided a way out from the Egyptian captors and  they gave something back to Him. A sacrifice-

Of praise.

Exodus 15: 2 says. “The Lord is my strength and my song…” It is part of a longer song which Moses and Prophetess Miriam sang. She and the women danced and sang with the tambourine, remembering how the Lord delivered them out of the hands of Egypt.

When was the last you have danced with joy when God delivered you? When was the last time I did? Maybe a year ago.

How about this. Let’s praise God for being God and for giving us his Son Jesus.

The new cycle should be:

Praise Him

Just praise Him

Praise him more.

Thank you for reading this post. Please share it on your social networks and leave comments. God bless you all!


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