Why We Have Mixed Messages After Reading the Same Bible

This week I had the opportunity to read through Mark Yarbrough’s How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor for review. Here is a little piece of it here:

Yarbrough makes it very clear from the beginning that the way bible study is conducted within churches today is not quite right. We should not ask what a particular Scripture mean to us. We should instead learn to read God’s holy message to us and he offers a few tips and guidelines on how to do it just right.(Read more on Examiner)

What an amazing challenge!

Don’t interpret the bible for what you want it to mean, but instead ask, “What is God’s Message?”

This is difficult to me because as a student of literature, what an author writes may mean something to them, but that is a hidden mystery. What do I think the passage mean? In writing courses in college, you must have evidence within your essay to prove why you feel a verse or story means what you think it means.

Does the bible deserve the same kind of treatment?

Or should we study the Scriptures by underlining, Googl-ing, read different translations etc. to get the whole message?

Will we then understand the Word better? Will we then have one True Religion because we all will have now interpret it the same way?

So many questions.

I gave the book five stars because it had humor, it was organized and the author offered excellent tips for reading the bible and interpreting it the way God intended.

What are your thoughts? Is it possible to still get mixed messages even while reading the bible with study tools available?

The Holy Spirit was given to us to give us His interpretation of the Word, so why do we still send each other mixed signals continuously? Why are there so many denominations?(I feel this would make an excellent post in the future)

God bless you 🙂


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