Prosperity Teaching is Clogging Up Airtime


Back in the day, in my day, say twenty or so years ago, I would be able to hear a good Word from a preacher/teacher. Their perusal of the Scripture and their timely analysis of a situation I can identify with, got my morning started on the right “foot”.

Now, when I turn on the television to preaching, this is what I hear:

  • “Give your seed money…”
  • “Malachi 3:10! Remember so the windows of heaven will pour out on you”
  • “Many of you don’t tithe to the church…”
  • And on and on.

One day, my husband and I was looking forward to hearing something to place a balm on our Spirits and literally each “church” channel was talking about prosperity.

Now, before I get verbally blasted about prosperity, I guess I should tell you where I stand on the issue. First, even back in my day there was talk of prosperity and how tithing will increase wealth- I was all over that kind of talk and loved it. Believed in it.

However, now I believe in “good will come to him who is generous and lends freely”(Psalm 112:5) and remembering that “whoever sows sparingly, will reap sparingly”(2 Corinthians 9:6). I also think about the lady with the two mites. It may not have been ten percent, but she gave all she had(Mark 12 and Luke 21).

When you think about it, God deserves more than ten percent anyway and the way to give to Him is to help the poor.

Two things I do now, so I can soak up the Word: 1)I go to my bible. What better place than good ‘ol Scripture? 2) I go online(thank God for the internet!) and I plug in keywords on YouTube for good teachings. Now, some teachers of the Word have strayed and talked on seed money and many televangelists I try not to listen to anymore because I feel they are leading people astray.

You can never go wrong with reading the Word alongside the Holy Spirit though. My thing is this: If I want secular, money talking jazz in my ear I can find any other channel for that, but when I want God’s message. That is all I want. God’s message.



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