‘GMO…OMG’, Someone’s Playing God With My Food

A few days ago I watched a documentary by Jeremy Seifert titled GMO…OMG: Is this the End of Real Food? The basis for the film is his quest on finding out what is really in all this stuff we dump into our bellies. And while we are at it, why are people splicing DNA in food?

A Little about GMO(Genetically Modified Organism)

“GMOs emerged in the 90s as the industry’s most advanced weapon against nature”touts the film’s director. In other words, to combat the herbicides being sprayed on our  fruits and veggies they must be “designed” to be resistant to it.

Because of our polluted air and other factors, scientists have taken it upon themselves to blast lasers or whatever at seeds and turn them into Frankenfood.

All natural is not really natural.

Some foods are making us ill, read: The Truth about Blue Bell Ice Cream and Listeria.

Forget Playing With Our Food, They Play God

There was a point in the film where Jeremy was astute enough to ask the famer: “Do you have any moral belief or religion?”

The farmer replies, “Yes. I have not been to church the last two times though.”

Jeremy says that was besides the point. The point is that everything is made for a  purpose in a certain way and by us not knowing what exactly these “changes” can do to our bodies, is that safe? Changing DNA of food seems to disrupt an order, or play God so to speak. Why are we trying to mix and match?(I’m paraphrasing him here).

Here is my summation of the whole GMO deal: I like food very much and currently my husband and I have made slight changes to our diet and we feel healthier for it. Are we obsessed with this GMO stuff? Not really, but there are days when I wonder what my ketchup is truly made of and is my ice cream really all natural?

And why do organic, healthier food cost so much?

But Didn’t Jesus Declare All Food Clean?

The one argument we will hear from serious foodies is: Didn’t the Lord declare all food clean?

What people are referring to is Acts 10:15 and Mark 7:19.

In Acts,  Peter goes up on a roof to pray and while praying, he falls into a “deep trance” where he sees heaven opening up and a large sheet falls to the ground containing all kinds of four footed animals and reptiles and the Lord says “Kill and eat”, Peter declines that offer and the same Voice says,  “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean”(NIV)

On further reading, this happens at least three times.

Do you watch Bizarre Foods America? Then you know that Andrew Zimmern definitely does not question God about what he eats-  he eats any animal offered to him including reptilian ones(I am not so sure he should be eating blood sausages and blood brownies though) Great show.

In Mark 7:19, we are reminded that it is not what goes into our bodies that is unclean but what comes out.

Think about it.

God made our food and it is clean, but I believe we should question these hybrid foods out there, made by man’s hands.

What do you believe? Should we start sifting through all the food labels, get rid of quick meals and fast foods all together? Should we just be observant about what is in our foods- or ignore it?




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