What Does Resurrection Sunday Mean to Me Now?

Kind of looks like the Easter bunny in there :-)
Image by Clearly Ambiguous for Flickr.com

As we enter into another season of Resurrection Sunday, churches are putting together programs, cleaning up, gearing up and praying up- ready for that special day that Christ rose from the grave.

But I wonder: What does Easter mean to me? Or what should it mean to me?

As a child, Easter meant I will decorate those eggs, hunt for them wear frilly dresses to church service, and receive a gift basket from mom and dad with more goodies.

That was Easter to me back then.

As an adult, Easter Sunday was still “Easter” and it meant going to church and learning about Jesus and his many miracles, impending sacrifice and being raised from the dead. And yet I don’t think I fully understood it then either. Yes, even as a Believer in Christ Jesus I still had not fully grasped what my Savior did for me.

Then, an epiphany…

After church yesterday, I thought of all those Easters and films I watched and The Passion of Christ is the only film I remember to evoke severe gratitude in me and surprising sadness. Do I really know what crossed Jesus’ mind when he was betrayed? While washing his disciples’ feet? The ones he called friend? His suffering on the way to the cross and on the cross?

If that was me, would I do it?

Then a resounding answer, like a church bell rang inside of me: It had to be Jesus. As God’s son, the Sacrificial Lamb, the one whose blood was shed for all of us- we know deep down that it could not- would not have been us to walk those grounds knowing what was next.

I just want to take the time and praise God for sending His Son down here not to condemn the world but to save it and He is my constant friend who has always been there for me, blessed me with a  wonderful, beautiful husband who loves Him too.

Happy Resurrection Sunday to You All 🙂


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