Movie Review: ‘God’s Not Dead’ is An Ideal That Can Be Attained

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A student’s first day in Philosophy class will make any honest Christian sweat. His college professor tells everyone to write on a piece of paper, “God Is Dead” and to sign their name at the bottom. This obviously Christian  student defies him and so the professor tells him he has to give his defense of God and convince him and the other students to believe God’s Not Dead.

Tough call.

Sublots Made the Movie.

But the movie held my interest from beginning to end(with amazing acting and great storyline) and what makes this movie particularly special are the “sub plots and minor characters” who aren’t really minor at all but contribute to the soul of the story.

I can’t explain all of this without giving too much away but I will say there is a young Muslim woman in here controlled by religion and her dad, then there is  a girl who does not realize that her boyfriend should follow God first and only, and there is the Japanese student who is falling in love with Philosophy class now that there is a God debate going on.

Are Non-Christians Made to Appear Horrible in the Film…?

This movie has taken some criticism, of course saying that the non-Christians are made to look greedy and pompous.

But when I saw the film myself I wondered. How many true Christians are there really?

In most Christian films, Christians are made to look very holy and forgiving and always giving the Word of God to someone and to be honest I have seen this but only in select churches. And sometimes, other Christians act worse than non-Christians(I know this from experience as well).

Perhaps “clean” films like this one wish to paint a picture of what holiness should look like. Some characters in the film played greedy roles but others just did not know God, leading a life of nonchalance or agnosticism.

The Verdict.

However the message was very clear in the film and you will admire the chutzpa of the student as he pores over Scriptures and over his heart to proclaim boldly, God is Not Dead!”


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