Charleston, NC Shooting: Skin Syndrome, or the Sin Syndrome?

As funeral plans begin for the nine souls slain at the Emanuel Episcopal Church in Charleston, NC. The whole horrific ordeal poses questions and sparks debate about one issue in America.


The gunman, a young white male, took the guessing out of the issue. He blatantly stated he wants a race war to happen. And in my opinion, the only difference between him and the others shooting blacks, is that he said it out loud what he wanted to do.

Yes, People Do Kill People, but…

Bill O’Reilly (I usually like listening to him but even he made slip ups last night). He states,

“Black Americans’ problems stem more from poverty and high crime rates in their own communities. This is not a war on blacks by the whites”(paraphrased).


But what is troubling here in America,  is when you are killed because of something you cannot control: Your skin color. Your history. Your culture.

And this is what makes America so sick and in need of Jesus. This is a country labeled as “united” states, but we are only united when terrible things happen to us from outsiders. Why can’t we be united at all times?

So is this just a sin problem? What is the root of it all?

If you are a believer then you know that hate, lust, greed and all other kinds of bad fruit stem from bad roots.

And let us be very real and clear. America does have a sordid history: Slavery. Capitalism. Rich gets richer, poor get poorer- get the picture?

And then the random police shootings of African Americans…

Geesh. If you are brown then you can’t possibly step back and say “ Hey. They are just doing their jobs.”

And if you are brown you have to also acknowledge some of your part in this.

It is sin, then skin. We should not be shooting each other. And African Americans need to learn to help each other out; feed one another and encourage one another to do great things and promote peace.

What that sociopath pulled at the church was wicked.

And wickedness is birthed in all our hearts. It is only because of love we have for Christ and each other why we don’t pull craziness like that.

So let’s try not to look at this as 100% race, although it is clear what it is.

What is the root?

Pull it up and what will you see?


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