We Have Food and Jesus: A Guide for Doing Holy Work


You have just committed yourself to the Lord. Like for real this time and now you do not know what to do.

This faith is not about doing.

It is about faith plus works. And I do not mean career and toiling the earth-although it’s included.

You could become a Christian Monk, you know;  sit around and pray to God and meditate (my dream actually) and live in peace and quiet forever.

You could start developing some skill for the local church: singing, praise dancing, teaching, preaching, cleaning- whatever.

Or you could try the famous route, which for some take years: televangelism. Need I say more?

But if you are not ready for all of that, what can you do now to show God’s love to the world?

You do not need a bus load of money and you do not need to cloak the truth by calling it “tithing”. In fact, God has already equipped you to do something that is uniquely natural(oxymoronic, I know). You were born for this anyway.

Some Faith With Works Examples

Donating Time

This can be as simple as spending time with people who either knew God at some point or do not know Him at all.

You know the ones: The woman you see crying in the break room all the time. Or the gossiper who just happens to smell bad and look forlorn at the bus stop…

You talk with them in casual conversation, allowing the Holy Spirit to be your lead. You do not need to preach and criticize the person, just talk with them. Requires no Ph.Ds, no titles or camera sets.

Advice: Just be a natural. Care about the person’s needs and go from there. If they do not want to hear you, move on.

The Power of Words

Some authors make a living writing and amazingly it translates to  public speaking engagements. Whatever turns your fancy, writing for God is one of the best positions on earth.

What will you write?

Write poetry. Write psalms. Write good books. Write movies and plays. Tosca Lee, Ted Dekker, WM. Paul Young, are shining examples as well as those we do not know.

Some of the best books and plays I have experienced were written by Christians and they blessed my socks off.

Advice: If you want to be published right away, try Lulu and Createspace to get started with publishing. Google other places too!

Look in Your Cabinet

I am not talking about the presidential cabinet at the White House.

Your house.

You do not need to have a formal title and a building to pass out can goods and ready made food(see your state laws for restrictions though).

Get a bag together and start passing out food to people. Make sure you are reaching them with the Word as well. In this way, you are bypassing the channels that will diminish direct contact with the lost sheep.

Advice: Choose fresh foods. Not anything you wouldn’t give to your own children- or dog. Give the lost sheep, fresh stuff.

Your Profession May Open Doors

When I worked in the hospital as a nurse aide, I found that it wasn’t the cleaning and blood taking that I liked(no sir!), I enjoyed conversation with my patients. I liked feeding them. And if I knew then what I know now, I would have prayed over them and for them. Some I still remember and hold dear to my heart.

Maybe you are a teacher? A lawyer? Nurse? Cashier?

God has placed someone in your path to speak to. Yes, man have created laws to try and restrict us from reaching the lost, but who can stop such a creative and powerful God?

No one!

Many of these suggestions takes nothing more than stepping out on faith.

What plans has God set in your heart? If you feel comfortable enough to share, please do. We welcome them!


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