Are the Headlines Putting Your Faith in Limbo?

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My brothers and sisters in Christ, America has a serious heart condition(as do the rest of the world). We can not be blind and hypocritical  as to think that we live in a peaceful and fair place. Certainly America has much good going for it and lots of potential, but let us keep it real. It needs more love.

With each tragic event(the Paris attack) and emotionally charging headline, our emotions and history tend to color our convictions and as Christians we have to be careful not to stumble and take on the world’s solutions and philosophies concerning these problems.

Why am I bringing this up?

Following the brutal and tragic attack on Paris, Syrian refugees are no longer welcome in certain places.

If I understand this Christian Headline article correctly, Poland and the Netherlands are closing their borders or at least they want them closed. Ben Carson and Ted Cruz reportedly called for a halt to resettling 10,000 refugees.

So it seems the response is to not lend help to these refugees.

  • Now is this the right response from a human being?
  • Is this the right response from a Christian?

To be honest, the comments on the Christian Headline website pretty much confirmed what I believed about this Nation.

Even though the writer quoted Deuteronomy 10:17-19 and Leviticus 19:34, many so called Believers allowed fear and hatred to color their attitudes about this situation.

I understand why there is fear. No one wants more “uninvited guests” in their home and increase the likelihood of more violence(sarcasm here)

But what if I reveal that evil has already been in America? We are surrounded by bombers, pedophiles, gangs, police brutality, rape, modern day slavery, poverty- all of this is here already.

Terrorists are everywhere(as my old high school teacher used to say), why are we suddenly believing that America is not stained?

What is the solution?

idk(I don’t know). Really I don’t.

What does God have to say about this? Do you believe the Lord is at peace with our thoughts right now about the crisis?





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