Zanpakuto and the Cost of Anger

Ichigo Kurasaki's Zanpakuto, Zangetsu
Ichigo Kurasaki’s Zanpakuto, Zangetsu

They were once bonded to their masters. Happy to swerve, cut, and slice down their enemies. They were beautiful, crazy, strong, dedicated.

Until one day, some sneaky dude wearing 80s makeup tells them to disobey the Shinigami they serve.

I am talking about the Zanpakuto in the anime Bleach. The Zanpakuto is kind of difficult to explain. The Shinigami uses swords to fight but there are spirits in these swords, with personality. But someone has been controlling the Zanpakuto.

How was he able to achieve this?

By drawing on the Zanpakutos’ anger.

Many of them grew tired of serving and became weary of doing good.(Gal. 6:9)

With the holidays finally closing its curtains on us, many people are going back to work, on the grind making their wages. Many of them came from a very frustrating holiday season where money was spent on food and gifts or maybe, like some of us, we were off during those two weeks and don’t miss the craziness at all.

And others allowed darkness to cloud their judgment.

It is so easy to let the devil in because we are angry. Last Christmas I saw so many angry folk it was a nightmare to be in the spot as they were.

Don’t get me wrong, anger is not a bad emotion. It is an emotion given from God, but should we be addicted to it? Should it drive our every decision?


Because with sheer anger, we can do anything: revenge, murder, cheat, steal, bicker, and become bitter.

And after all of that, you’ll get a modicum of satisfaction- right up until you land in jail.

Or dead.

Exactly how the enemy wants it.

My favorite emotion is joy. Because I see through rosy glasses and I have hope that makes my heart swell. I treat myself kinder therefore I treat others kinder, I see more of what God has for me.

Other emotions like pain, sadness, apathy(lack of emotion), and happiness are also alert systems for us to know what is wrong.

But they are not something to hold on to.

Every day there is a homeless man with a tree limb walking along the road, or an old woman begging for change from customers, and a young woman about my age, spitting on the ground cursing to herself.

And yes, I am mad. So mad.

Because in this great, bountiful country, why is this happening? We have churches along every ridge of street, every curve has a sign saying why we should go to church.

I look at the poor and the poor in spirit and I wonder…is this righteous anger I feel?

And even then, since I am not a monk and I am not God, I still err. I talk badly about the rich, I envy others…

Ever felt that way?

I think there is a way to channel all of this anger so that the devil will not entice us with spoiled fruit. Like what happened to the Zanpakuto. I don’t want the enemy to use my anger to fuel his agenda.

Even now, writing this, I have no keen solutions for you out there. I am just like you. Studying the Word, praying and talking with others in the Kingdom.

I may not ever find riches( I never wanted to be rich anyway, just well off) this side of the moon, but I do know that Christ is concerned with heaven and how we treat each other. That is what matters in the long run anyway and that, my friends, is true joy.


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