8 Lessons SB50 Taught Me About the American Spirit


  1. Old sins die hard.

  2. It is possible to have diversity directly on stage.

  3. Waging war using computer keystrokes is comedic.

  4. Cheetos and pizza comes before homeless and hungry.

  5. Everyone is a hypocrite at some station in their life.

  6. Humble pie trumps vanity meals any day.

  7. Christian is another term for policy maker.

  8. Do we really watch the game for the game itself?



I don’t think we have to guess too hard at what I am referring to in each line. My husband and I watched SB50(and we are not football fans by the way), but we did  it to be part of the American tradition and to be honest I enjoyed the game and I liked how it honored the great performers from the past.

What happened on social media after the game is what made me see what was in American’s hearts the whole time.

As children of God, let’s keep in step with positivity and good spirits, let us be good role models and demonstrators of the love of God no matter what sector of life we are in. And if we see something different/appalling on television/websites, let us seek knowledge and dispel that knowledge to others- particularly the children who may not know how to deal with the imagery.

Post by Erica


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