8 Lessons SB50 Taught Me About the American Spirit


  1. Old sins die hard.

  2. It is possible to have diversity directly on stage.

  3. Waging war using computer keystrokes is comedic.

  4. Cheetos and pizza comes before homeless and hungry.

  5. Everyone is a hypocrite at some station in their life.

  6. Humble pie trumps vanity meals any day.

  7. Christian is another term for policy maker.

  8. Do we really watch the game for the game itself?



I don’t think we have to guess too hard at what I am referring to in each line. My husband and I watched SB50(and we are not football fans by the way), but we did  it to be part of the American tradition and to be honest I enjoyed the game and I liked how it honored the great performers from the past.

What happened on social media after the game is what made me see what was in American’s hearts the whole time.

As children of God, let’s keep in step with positivity and good spirits, let us be good role models and demonstrators of the love of God no matter what sector of life we are in. And if we see something different/appalling on television/websites, let us seek knowledge and dispel that knowledge to others- particularly the children who may not know how to deal with the imagery.

Post by Erica


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Jon Ronson is an eloquent speaker and I watched the whole video “How One Tweet Can Ruin Your Life” because his points made sense- but to whom did it benefit?

He uses the example of Justine Sacco. A white woman that posted a disturbing tweet about blacks and Germans two years back. I will not repeat it here. In the end, Ronson believes her depression stemmed from the responses she received on social media and not from consequences of what she posted.

The responses were vile. People tweeted they wanted to harm her and hoped she’d lose her job- and honestly, these were brutal. We are not to treat each other this way. Online or off.

The point is, there is freedom of speech, just be prepared for the consequences.

As believers in God, there are ways we should conduct ourselves at all times so that we do not end up like Justine.

Proverbs 4:23 “Out Comes the Issues of Life”

Ronson believes that Justine made a little joke and really is not a racist. However, why would someone choose stereotypes and hurtful things to tweet in the first place? Tweets, like speech, begins in the heart. Justine and others like her did not wake up one day and decided to post anything their fingers come up with. No. It begins with what is inside.

Ideologies vs. Humans vs. God

Ronson goes on to say he favors humans over ideologies any day.

Well, the Word does say do not be carried away with “every wind of doctrine” However, Justine has her own ideologies and she tweeted them. Everyone has an ideology or we aren’t human.

But God has His standards too. Again, if tweeting prejudices is okay, how about we tweet something negative about ourselves online for once?

We’re Not Androids

When I speak, when I write- I hope it means something. Because I have meaning. And my words should instill hope and light in everyone who reads/hears my words.

If I am tweeting mess, then mess shall return back to me. I am not just some machine wound up to spill out whatever and then cry later, “Ooops, I made a mistake.”


Jon Ronson is a great speaker. I give him that.

And I don’t like to be too PC(Politically Correct either), we all have freedom to say what the heck we want.

However,  we nee to be prepared mentally and emotionally for the backlash we may get for the words we say. We also need to think about what we are saying and why we are saying it before we post it.

Once things are Tweeted, Facebooked, Googled, etc.- it is out there forever and now it is up for grabs to be dissected by everyone.

I am not perfect, but I try my best to post the truth in love.

You should too.

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Mission Possible Heroes: Linda Cliatt-Wayman, Uplifting Broken Schools

Kudos to Linda Cliatt-Wayman for making a Mission Possible, providing guidance and positive strength to broken schools.

It has been a looooooong time since anything online has moved me, if ever. But this video did for a few reasons.

  • Linda Cliatt-Wayman is an African American woman who is educated, professional and passionate about her mission. You rarely see this in the news and media.
  • I have been in the education field for years now and I currently tutor, so when I clicked on this link, I knew I would get inspired.
  • Linda shows us how to reach out to others during a presentation. You can literally feel her passion and strength pour over the audience. I saw a few tears shed in this one. She has such conviction about her topic that I had a couple of tears fall as well. Powerful!

What does Linda talk about?

Linda’s TED talk focused on her experience as a principal in broken schools. She recounts the startling story of how one girl says in the auditorium that “This school isn’t a school!”

This school isn’t a school!”

And from then on Linda found her mission: Turning schools back to a school and the 3 major tips she shares, I suggest you write them down and carry them in your heart for whatever mission you are on.

Side note: The more I watched this video, the more I thought: “That has to be God speaking through her…”

You’ll understand why in the end.

We Have Food and Jesus: A Guide for Doing Holy Work


You have just committed yourself to the Lord. Like for real this time and now you do not know what to do.

This faith is not about doing.

It is about faith plus works. And I do not mean career and toiling the earth-although it’s included.

You could become a Christian Monk, you know;  sit around and pray to God and meditate (my dream actually) and live in peace and quiet forever.

You could start developing some skill for the local church: singing, praise dancing, teaching, preaching, cleaning- whatever.

Or you could try the famous route, which for some take years: televangelism. Need I say more?

But if you are not ready for all of that, what can you do now to show God’s love to the world?

You do not need a bus load of money and you do not need to cloak the truth by calling it “tithing”. In fact, God has already equipped you to do something that is uniquely natural(oxymoronic, I know). You were born for this anyway.

Some Faith With Works Examples

Donating Time

This can be as simple as spending time with people who either knew God at some point or do not know Him at all.

You know the ones: The woman you see crying in the break room all the time. Or the gossiper who just happens to smell bad and look forlorn at the bus stop…

You talk with them in casual conversation, allowing the Holy Spirit to be your lead. You do not need to preach and criticize the person, just talk with them. Requires no Ph.Ds, no titles or camera sets.

Advice: Just be a natural. Care about the person’s needs and go from there. If they do not want to hear you, move on.

The Power of Words

Some authors make a living writing and amazingly it translates to  public speaking engagements. Whatever turns your fancy, writing for God is one of the best positions on earth.

What will you write?

Write poetry. Write psalms. Write good books. Write movies and plays. Tosca Lee, Ted Dekker, WM. Paul Young, are shining examples as well as those we do not know.

Some of the best books and plays I have experienced were written by Christians and they blessed my socks off.

Advice: If you want to be published right away, try Lulu and Createspace to get started with publishing. Google other places too!

Look in Your Cabinet

I am not talking about the presidential cabinet at the White House.

Your house.

You do not need to have a formal title and a building to pass out can goods and ready made food(see your state laws for restrictions though).

Get a bag together and start passing out food to people. Make sure you are reaching them with the Word as well. In this way, you are bypassing the channels that will diminish direct contact with the lost sheep.

Advice: Choose fresh foods. Not anything you wouldn’t give to your own children- or dog. Give the lost sheep, fresh stuff.

Your Profession May Open Doors

When I worked in the hospital as a nurse aide, I found that it wasn’t the cleaning and blood taking that I liked(no sir!), I enjoyed conversation with my patients. I liked feeding them. And if I knew then what I know now, I would have prayed over them and for them. Some I still remember and hold dear to my heart.

Maybe you are a teacher? A lawyer? Nurse? Cashier?

God has placed someone in your path to speak to. Yes, man have created laws to try and restrict us from reaching the lost, but who can stop such a creative and powerful God?

No one!

Many of these suggestions takes nothing more than stepping out on faith.

What plans has God set in your heart? If you feel comfortable enough to share, please do. We welcome them!

The Conservative, the True Believer, and a Much Needed Conversation

This post is dedicated to all Believers who find themselves having to defend their faith to Conservative Churchgoers.

To understand the difference, let me help you out. A Believer is Born Again and have the biblical faith in Jesus the Word emphasizes. There is either God’s way or no way. Yahweh or the highway. Get it?

Conservative Church Goers regularly attend church. They tend to boast about money, power and politics. Jesus’ teachings are cast aside as mere moral thoughts and ancient at best. Those who are followers of Christ are put under the bus by Conservatives because they may have less. Conservatives are your modern day Pharisees.

Where can you find these conservatives? In the news talking about politics, money, and business. You may even find them on the silver screen helping others who are as affluent as themselves.

Let me back up a sec.

I stand as a sinner who has been Born Again and am deserving of punishment. And I believe in the power of the Redeeming Blood and thank God for the gift of Repentance.

And I also know that people will see my fruit and ask if I am really who I say I am.

Our fruit(Matthew 7:16) is how people will know where we stand. God took the guesswork out of learning who is for Him. It does not take being a psychic. It is really simple. If I see your actions, then I know your character. If I know your character, I know your thoughts.

Why am I writing this?

To some people, my husband and I appear to be “monks”(and we are far from it) but the fact that we love Christ and try to walk like Him we are persecuted verbally.

And so I write this to inform you, beloved that your battle will not just be against the powers and principalities of this world. There are those who proclaim to be in the faith but are instead false teachers. Wolves in sheep clothing. Stand on the Rock. Continue to watch and pray and worship the one true God over all.

Blessings 🙂

Charleston, NC Shooting: Skin Syndrome, or the Sin Syndrome?

As funeral plans begin for the nine souls slain at the Emanuel Episcopal Church in Charleston, NC. The whole horrific ordeal poses questions and sparks debate about one issue in America.


The gunman, a young white male, took the guessing out of the issue. He blatantly stated he wants a race war to happen. And in my opinion, the only difference between him and the others shooting blacks, is that he said it out loud what he wanted to do.

Yes, People Do Kill People, but…

Bill O’Reilly (I usually like listening to him but even he made slip ups last night). He states,

“Black Americans’ problems stem more from poverty and high crime rates in their own communities. This is not a war on blacks by the whites”(paraphrased).


But what is troubling here in America,  is when you are killed because of something you cannot control: Your skin color. Your history. Your culture.

And this is what makes America so sick and in need of Jesus. This is a country labeled as “united” states, but we are only united when terrible things happen to us from outsiders. Why can’t we be united at all times?

So is this just a sin problem? What is the root of it all?

If you are a believer then you know that hate, lust, greed and all other kinds of bad fruit stem from bad roots.

And let us be very real and clear. America does have a sordid history: Slavery. Capitalism. Rich gets richer, poor get poorer- get the picture?

And then the random police shootings of African Americans…

Geesh. If you are brown then you can’t possibly step back and say “ Hey. They are just doing their jobs.”

And if you are brown you have to also acknowledge some of your part in this.

It is sin, then skin. We should not be shooting each other. And African Americans need to learn to help each other out; feed one another and encourage one another to do great things and promote peace.

What that sociopath pulled at the church was wicked.

And wickedness is birthed in all our hearts. It is only because of love we have for Christ and each other why we don’t pull craziness like that.

So let’s try not to look at this as 100% race, although it is clear what it is.

What is the root?

Pull it up and what will you see?

Africa: To Be, Or Not to Be…Secularized

“Brighter Brains Institute is interested in secularizing Africa because we believe this would tremendously benefit the continent intellectually, socially, and economically”[See Brighter Brains Interview with Jd Otit]


Here are some reasons(paraphrased)they feel Africa should be secularized:

  • Christianity and Islam are worse and more evil than worship of African gods.
  • Christianity and Islam have divided Africa.
  • The people are no longer labeled as “African” but either Christian or Islamic.
  • The Ebola crisis: If Africa would stop praying and start studying, they can prosper…

Has this gotten you mad yet?

I cannot comment on what atrocities Islamic forces or “false Christians have committed upon Africa. I do not live there. I can only go off news reports and bad guesses.

But when it comes to these “free thinkers” and atheistic top heads, they should remember that believing in Christ is not the bad part. It is bad people who make bad decisions and getting rid of a religion is not the first step.

I am not saying that the article is wrong on all counts. Sure people should educate themselves and study what is wrong and make sound economic decisions. But to say that Christianity is part of Africa’s problem and then lump it in the same group as Islam is plain foul and illogical.

Another point I agree on in the article is that there is a “greedy top few” who control the resources and unfortunately this rips Africa apart. However, since when is praying about that situation the wrong thing to do?

And America is not too far behind either with its greedy top few and denouncement of Christian ideals, promotion of sexual immorality and the swiping of bibles out of the school system. In fact the separation here seems to be Us versus Them.

There is only one true religion which beats out modern, Westernized Christianity, Islam, Atheism, etc. Check it out:

John 14:6(ESV)-“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Micah 6:8-“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

1 John 3:8-“Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil.

Brighter Brains Institute may make sense to some who wants a radical healing and adjustment for Africa.  I know I would like Africa and everyone across the globe to become better, but letting go of pure ideals set by Christ and telling people praying is wrong is not the way to win a battle. We must lean on hope and wisdom- and wisdom will lead the way.

Because without hope, what are we left with?

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