Jon Ronson is an eloquent speaker and I watched the whole video “How One Tweet Can Ruin Your Life” because his points made sense- but to whom did it benefit?

He uses the example of Justine Sacco. A white woman that posted a disturbing tweet about blacks and Germans two years back. I will not repeat it here. In the end, Ronson believes her depression stemmed from the responses she received on social media and not from consequences of what she posted.

The responses were vile. People tweeted they wanted to harm her and hoped she’d lose her job- and honestly, these were brutal. We are not to treat each other this way. Online or off.

The point is, there is freedom of speech, just be prepared for the consequences.

As believers in God, there are ways we should conduct ourselves at all times so that we do not end up like Justine.

Proverbs 4:23 “Out Comes the Issues of Life”

Ronson believes that Justine made a little joke and really is not a racist. However, why would someone choose stereotypes and hurtful things to tweet in the first place? Tweets, like speech, begins in the heart. Justine and others like her did not wake up one day and decided to post anything their fingers come up with. No. It begins with what is inside.

Ideologies vs. Humans vs. God

Ronson goes on to say he favors humans over ideologies any day.

Well, the Word does say do not be carried away with “every wind of doctrine” However, Justine has her own ideologies and she tweeted them. Everyone has an ideology or we aren’t human.

But God has His standards too. Again, if tweeting prejudices is okay, how about we tweet something negative about ourselves online for once?

We’re Not Androids

When I speak, when I write- I hope it means something. Because I have meaning. And my words should instill hope and light in everyone who reads/hears my words.

If I am tweeting mess, then mess shall return back to me. I am not just some machine wound up to spill out whatever and then cry later, “Ooops, I made a mistake.”


Jon Ronson is a great speaker. I give him that.

And I don’t like to be too PC(Politically Correct either), we all have freedom to say what the heck we want.

However,  we nee to be prepared mentally and emotionally for the backlash we may get for the words we say. We also need to think about what we are saying and why we are saying it before we post it.

Once things are Tweeted, Facebooked, Googled, etc.- it is out there forever and now it is up for grabs to be dissected by everyone.

I am not perfect, but I try my best to post the truth in love.

You should too.

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Prosperity Teaching is Clogging Up Airtime


Back in the day, in my day, say twenty or so years ago, I would be able to hear a good Word from a preacher/teacher. Their perusal of the Scripture and their timely analysis of a situation I can identify with, got my morning started on the right “foot”.

Now, when I turn on the television to preaching, this is what I hear:

  • “Give your seed money…”
  • “Malachi 3:10! Remember so the windows of heaven will pour out on you”
  • “Many of you don’t tithe to the church…”
  • And on and on.

One day, my husband and I was looking forward to hearing something to place a balm on our Spirits and literally each “church” channel was talking about prosperity.

Now, before I get verbally blasted about prosperity, I guess I should tell you where I stand on the issue. First, even back in my day there was talk of prosperity and how tithing will increase wealth- I was all over that kind of talk and loved it. Believed in it.

However, now I believe in “good will come to him who is generous and lends freely”(Psalm 112:5) and remembering that “whoever sows sparingly, will reap sparingly”(2 Corinthians 9:6). I also think about the lady with the two mites. It may not have been ten percent, but she gave all she had(Mark 12 and Luke 21).

When you think about it, God deserves more than ten percent anyway and the way to give to Him is to help the poor.

Two things I do now, so I can soak up the Word: 1)I go to my bible. What better place than good ‘ol Scripture? 2) I go online(thank God for the internet!) and I plug in keywords on YouTube for good teachings. Now, some teachers of the Word have strayed and talked on seed money and many televangelists I try not to listen to anymore because I feel they are leading people astray.

You can never go wrong with reading the Word alongside the Holy Spirit though. My thing is this: If I want secular, money talking jazz in my ear I can find any other channel for that, but when I want God’s message. That is all I want. God’s message.


The Hardest Job in the World

Helping the Homeless
Helping the Homeless

If you look at this week’s Scripture you will see it is meant to encourage you as you stay on the path,

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.  We want each of you to show this same diligence to the very end, in order to make your hope sure. We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.(Hebrews 6:10-12 NIV)

Throughout God’s Word we notice how he encourages us to help the poor and the widows(James 1:27), to extend our love and resources to each other and to care about one another as we care for ourselves(John 13:34)


This is the hardest job to do.


Because it is unpopular and in some states it is already illegal to help homeless people.

And because we are such selfish, carnal creatures.

  • It is unpopular because it is not “trending right now” to help other less fortunate. We are content with our stuff and we believe the homeless got themselves into the mess they are in. And if we are God’s chosen people, we should not think like that. We must esteem others higher than ourselves.
  • Helping others is now illegal. But I think it was already unpopular and illegal in our hearts. A 90 year old man in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Just got arrested and will spend two months in jail for feeding people. For feeding people! What’s going on, America?
  • We are basically selfish. All of us. I know how it is. We are about our family and have a routine and a certain comfort that was probably hard to come by. Inviting poor and needy people over or at least paying for them to stay in a hotel seems a bit of a stretch. Trust me. I never thought like this until I experienced it myself. But I must remember,

To whom much is given much is required.”(Luke 12:48

Like I said. Any other job in the world is simple. You already have skill sets for it. You wake up and stay there for 8-12 hours or more but you get to come back home. There needn’t be any heart into it.

Not to say that all jobs are simple.

However we need more workers in the field of love. We need to cultivate love with our heart and our time and our deeds.

This will continue to be my prayer.

The Love of a Father, The Traits of a Dad

Father and Son

All last month I’ve seen the prettiest bouquets and cards made for mothers. Nice hats, shoes, and even foods dedicated to mom.

And all of that is super cool. We love our mothers and we should everyday.

What about dad? What are some traits dads posses and what does he do that we should admire too? As children, my sister and I were raised by a father(he rests with God now) and I remember still honoring him on mother and father’s day because he was both to us.

Traits of a Father(these can belong to moms as well)

  • Physical strength
  • Mentor
  • Teacher
  • Provider
  • Disciplinarian

Can you think of any more?

When I think of those traits, I can not help but think of God. It reminds me of Psalm 91:4,

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.(NIV)


Feathers? Wings? His faithfulness?

God is playing dual roles here. Like a faithful mother hen that loves her children. Yet we also know him as the one who sent his one and only son to die for us…to die in our place in order to bring us to redemption. Through the ages He has been fighter, mentor, teacher, provider, and disciplinarian.

All for those whom he has created and loved.

What is the attitude of fathers today?

Sadly, there are still men out there who are not exemplary fathers at all. They lay up with women because of lust and at the first sign of conflict-

They run.

The mothers and their children suffer.

Let me say this and I will conclude afterwards: A man is more than what he “squirts out” from his jeans(genes?)- okay? Animals and insects can do that. What makes a man into a father is that he fulfills his role and takes care of his duties/responsibilities.

No more excuses.

And to those dads who are thankful for  good gifts from God. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you.

Any daddy stories? Plug in your own two cents here or share with friends!

One Piece: What Makes Us Stronger?

 One Piece, Franky's House

One Piece is an anime about pirates on a long…really long journey and Luffy, a boy who can stretch his body,wants to be King of the Pirates someday, and already he has shown excellent leadership skills in who he chooses to sail with.

In one particular episode which spans a few episodes, Luffy has to fight one of the toughest world government alive and we are reminded: with each journey, we are made stronger.

I thought about my own trials. What have I been through that has made me stronger? When I look back, some of my trials were small compared to now: As a child, Math was just not my strong suit. Sure, I was okay at it, but was horrible at it in middle school. At times I was not a good friend to myself and therefore not great to others either. I was very antisocial(still a bit shy now).

As I got older, my “journey” or experiences became more serious: learning to be a respectful daughter, learning about who God is, trying but failing to avoid temptations- and losing loved ones.

And then, even more serious events: losing old friends and new friends either to death or just growing apart, learning to be a good wife, learning to love those who do not love me back, and losing a father, mother in law, friend and then some.

Yeah, I understand what Luffy and them are going through.

But let’s take it deeper- Jesus knows what we are going through too. He was lied on, lied to, abused, and killed.

But He rose, ever stronger and gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Job was made stronger from his trials too. Check out what he says,

But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.”-Job 23:10

Now back to One Piece, what made Luffy and the gang stronger was not wishing and hoping. Nor was it gaining more weapons on board(although that certainly helps).

What helped them was that each journey since Episode 1 made each of them stronger in some way.They are coming “forth as gold”. Each foe gets more difficult to defeat. Each battle seems more daunting than the next. And right now he has to remember every fight, every lesson because CP9 is no joke.

Sounds familiar?

I could not help comparing this episode with my own life.

With each failure, each financial setback, each demonic foe, each loss, I am growing in faith.

For today, for this week, heck, for this whole journey of your life, think of Job, think of Christ, think of King David. And  if you are an anime fan like me, think Luffy and the Strawhat pirates and how much they have grown over the course of their journey to and through the Grand Line in their search of the One Piece.

God Bless yall! 🙂

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What is the Hype With Being “The One?”

Neo Stops BulletsCrawl over to YouTube and you will find some people are tired of movies with “The One” or they make sarcastic remarks about it.

Think of Neo. Keanu Reeves is famous for this movie and other movies where he is chosen. But in The Matrix he was created, designed for a purpose-to save the world from wicked machines and there were evil people too he had to combat.

In Constantine, he was chosen as “The Sacrifice” and given another chance to take down demons.

Now we have Divergent coming to theaters March 21st. Another “The One” kind of movie? I don’t think so. For a full synopsis of the books and the movie go to Veronica Roth‘s website. There is more than just a” one and only” in the story. Everyone is chosen to do their part.

Which brings me to Jesus.

One man. Son of God. It did not take many. And he was cloaked in humility. In wisdom.

In love.

It takes not many to shake the world, but Jesus did have followers, disciples, people who loved Him. And he left us a precious gift…

The Holy Spirit was breathed on those around him and it lives in us if we will accept the Lord Jesus as the Son of God and as our Savior. Only one can live in our hearts. It only took one to make us understand and to boggle our minds all at once.

Too many “ones” would distort the favor of one gift.

How can one gift, in the form of a child, in the form of man make us weep, make us love and even cause strife?

But there are those of us who have this one umbilical cord connecting us to Father God. So we are all one.

So what is the fascination with one? The fascination is that one can have all the power- to show us.

Morpheus, Neo, and Trinity from The Matrix, represented the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit(The Holy Trinity) in my own religious opinion- with Morpheus being God, Trinity the Holy Spirit, and Neo the Son who was sent as sacrifice.

God is God all by Himself and sent himself as the sacrifice.

But all it takes is one to spark the idea and change the world….

These are just my random thoughts on oneness. What do you think about one-ness? 🙂

‘Kamisama Kiss’: Nanami’s dance and our twirl with the Holy Spirit

Isn’t a joy to know we serve a God who chooses us in the midst of our frailty, our failures, and flaws? In  “Kamisama Kiss”, a poor homeless girl(Nanami), whose father left her,  is selected to be a land god. Now, let’s forget about the “land god” thing because there is only One Lord in this world. But the series makes a very loud and clear statement that the ones who are considered weak and destitute have a strong calling for something greater.

Without giving too much away, in Season 1: Episode 13, Nanami is faced with a growing, evil miasma surrounding the Mikage Shrine. She runs away frightened and defeated. She has not used her god-like powers to their fullest extent and therefore feels…useless. However she remember that the Shrine is her home, she has friends there and she has power on the inside so when she dances the Kagura dance, twirling in a gorgeous Kimono and swings bells of light, she gains confidence in front of the growing evil throwing out blades of light.

Her confidence did not spring up from nowhere. She had it in her the whole time. The scene is absolutely stunning.

What does this anime have to do with Christians today?

You know as a Believer that the Holy Spirit dwells in you. The Holy Spirit is a Him not an it- He is the breath of God. If we need to speak a new tongue, heal, prophesy, combat evil, the Lord has left us the Holy Spirit to help and He is who we should rely on. Jesus tells us in John 14:12 that “we will do even greater works than he if we believe in him” (NIV).

In Kamisama Kiss, Mikage leaves his shrine and power to a homeless high school student and for a while, she forgets she has power bestowed upon her from a god and this leads to her depression and almost defeat.

Let us not forget that the Lord Jesus Christ is still with us, moving through us granting us confidence, grace, power, and humility. Remembering who we are and who we belong to is the most amazing piece of knowledge to possess.

God Bless!