The Believers Bio

Evangelist Alex and Erica Smith
Evangelist Alex and Erica Smith

Evangelists Alex and Erica Smith have been joyously married for 6 years and founders of Mission Possible (2011) through our Lord Jesus Christ; they are both called by Jesus Christ to reach communities and nations by feeding, reaching and teaching them God’s unconditional love. They are spiritual seekers who believe and live by (Proverbs 3:5-6); that we must trust in the Lord with all of our hearts and not lean on our own understanding. Alex and Erica are passionate to reach the homeless, families, and all who are in need of physical and spiritual support.

Poverty and sickness is on a rampage and Alex and Erica believes that through faith, prayer, fasting, and communion with Jesus Christ people will be healed and needs will be met. They believe that no one should be left behind that it is time to go beyond the church building walls and go to the people, reach out to the people who are in physical and spiritual need. Alex and Erica are spiritually passionate about feeding the homeless and families in need with nutritious food and drink. They are spiritually passionate about teaching people about God’s unconditional love, peace, and power; that if they put Jesus Christ first He will sustain them (Psalm 55:22). Alex and Erica believes that God’s love is the key to building strong ministries, friendships, and fellowship throughout the world.



Alex  likes to play the bongos, congas and believes each beat he plays releases the power of healing, peace and power through Jesus Christ. He loves to encourage people to give all their problems to God, to fully commit and trust in Jesus and He will deliver you out of your problems and fears (Psalm 34:4). Alex hobbies are working on art projects online, freelance photography and videography to spread God’s love across the internet. Alex Smith is a published author and poet who loves to write about God’s true love and the outdoors. He is a nature man who loves the smell of grass after it rains, and a musician. He is a spiritual man who believes that before he makes a decision he first must go to God Almighty for direction, correction and counseling.

Erica  likes to read a diverse of fiction and nonfiction books, Erica believes that we must let go of our frustrations and anxieties in order to truly love and be free in Christ Jesus. She is a published author who loves to write unique and inspirational fiction and nonfiction. Erica is a talented blogger and book reviewer. She always puts Jesus Christ first in her life no matter how hard life gets; she knows that God is her provider and comforter. Erica is a humble person who don’t mind helping someone in need, she is a spiritual counselor who loves to encourage people. She loves to learn as much as she loves to read; she is a wisdom seeker who is dedicated to allowing God to teach her and guide her.


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