Inspirational Poems

Photo By Alex C. Smith

May you be encouraged!!!



(Into my heart)

I can no longer walk in the woods of despair, a place of darkness and with no chances of spiritual repair, I am in a coldness that always cries out at night for closeness. A dark and lonely place this must be? Do you remember the lilies that cried out to the wind? Do you remember those crisp mellow nights? 

I must not allow this door in my heart to just open and swing like a loose branch; I must allow Christ to protect my heart like fences on a ranch, to allow His love into my deep heart that use to sing with sounds of gladness, but strange, ever since I allowed Christ into my heart there were no sounds of madness. Come into my heart Lord, fill my heart with a new beat, a sound like never before; a beat that even drums smile to the beating of my heart. 

You remind me everyday that your love is better than life, your love is like a refreshing river that flows in my heart washing away the hurt, pain, loneliness, and anger! Thank you Lord for coming into my heart…….


(What will you lose?)

What will you lose if you had no shoes? What will you lose if you had no car but was able to still look upon the stars?  what will you lose if you had no food but had breath in your inner body? Take flight and see the beauty of God all around you; feel the wind as it massages your thoughts. 

You will lose nothing if you trust God and turn your path the other way. Pray and then pray, wait, and then wait patiently on the Lord who will fill your house with blessings and love because of your faithfulness. You will lose nothing but gain love, peace, favor, strength, compassion if you trust in Jesus….


(Into Peace)

Into peace is where I want to be; in the sweet presence of God! A place of total surrendering, a place of forgiveness and understanding. A joyous place with no hate and useless rates. I receive you Lord! I am nothing without you; my soul, mind and body thirst for you Jesus.

I’m like an ant without a home without you Lord, take me into your love where fear cannot enter. A dark hole I was once trapped but you lifted me out of that cold and angry cave, I was a slave to that nasty cave! But you Lord gently lifted me from that nightmare.  I write this poem to testify of your unconditional love and beauty, of a peace that can only be experienced by faith and trusting in you Lord Jesus. Call on Jesus Christ and He will fill you with this peace…. 


(Don’t worry)

Swim and don’t look back, walk to a place of peace where you and God can talk alone. Take your time and tell Him what hinders you; tell Him about the battle that constantly fights within you. Don’t worry your heart, mind, and soul but get up and go to that place, go where the birds whisper strong and uplifting songs of joy!

Don’t hurry; don’t rush but take your time and get to know love and all about Him; let love carry you down that rope that your holding onto but won’t move. Don’t worry beloved, don’t exchange peace for anxiety, worries, and wonder into hates society. Let God’s love take hold of you and know that you are chosen to do great things through Christ Jesus!   



Remember the lilies; remember the sweet smell after the rain under the evening skies. Remember the love that lives within you that God gently placed in your inner heart. Remember the hard times, the angry rhymes and faceless dimes; how you were empty like a hungry can.

Even through all of your battles huddled against you to attack,  Jesus Christ was there fighting for you even when you felt you was alone. Remember the peace, the unconditional love and the dove, Remember you are special and beautiful in God’s eyes. 



I know you are at the edge of the mountain; I know you are in a weary state and at a weary place. The edge is at your foot and fear and anxiety is upon your head but don’t give into suicide and be driven into cyanide but hold on just a little bit longer! Know that Jesus Christ can and will lift you up gently to a place of peace. 

Suicide cannot have you, but dig deep into your life and pull out faith; and then call to the Lord with this faith who is bigger than your problems and He will build a bridge in your life that will guide you to love, peace, mercy, forgiveness, salvation, friendship, and compassion. FAITH! 



I stand in the midst of the storm and will not move until my Lord Jesus Christ tells me to move! I take hold and stand bold to the lightning that can seem frightening but put your trust and faith in Christ because the feeling is enlightening. Stand in the cement of purpose and let it mold you into a humble structure, a structure that is not common but spiritually unique. If you stand for the Lord who can move you? The pressure is popping and pushing but stand! And know that the vehicle of peace is coming. 


(How Long)

How long must I struggle in this wasteland? How long must I eat from the deserts hand? Take me Lord away from this place of loneliness, a place where everyone forgotten how to love. I can hold on a little longer, through you Christ I know i’m stronger; I know the peace that lives in me never dies or grows old.

The eternal life that’s within me is greater than all carnal things that this world has to offer me, it’s beyond the beyond. Whispers of love is upon my very soul, and songs of praises is all around me. How long? It doesn’t even matter anymore because I have you Jesus. 


 (Never Too Late)

Broken down and tore down in my mind, never understanding the hate and pain that ran down my spine. Selfish thoughts and miseducation took me far to nowhere; thinking ‘i’m going to a dark road to void.’ Do you know void? Do you think you can trust void? Is it too late to take another step up the stairs? Or should I stay on the same wooden hump? 

I have heard the true voice, a voice that no flesh can hear but only the spirit from within. He told me ‘it’s never too late! Continue to walk and if there’s a struggle, walk. I’m no longer worried about the ‘tick  tock’ but is driven by another time, a time that keeps me safe with a new combination which is love. 


Watching Hypocrisy Grow(as shown on May 15,2013 Blog Post)

Was watching the news today and it disturbed me,

the hypocrisy of our nation-

One: jail the criminals, Two: promote crime

How can the voice of Justice from

behind the podium

allow the murder

of seed children,

exploitation of


How can you protect and destroy

all at once?

All at once hands that fashion

palms that clap

Are hands that pray

and hands that slap

in retro-violence.

A country hell bent on

policing the nations

forgetting about the

homeless within their borders and

open compassion

in a  sea of trial and error.

I guess we’ll get it right.




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