Pray for Our Nation, Pray for Our World

Pray for Our Nation
Pray for Our Nation, Pray for Our World

As a collective body in Christ, we at Mission Possible, implore you to continue to pray for the following events going on within and outside our borders.

First, the Missouri teen that was shot and killed by a cop. It is a story we unfortunately know all too well and while cops are doing all they can to protect us, what will it take for those wearing badges to stand up for what is right and stop killing along with all the other killers?

We need God.

Second, a young man was found stabbed and presumably the body dumped near a hotel in Newport News, Virginia. What happened there? Who knows. It is sad and it is common among our youth today.

We need God.

And if you have not heard of Pastor Saeed, he is the pastor that is currently being held in prison in Iran and is receiving death threats from Islamic State terrorists. We must keep his wife and children in prayer. He is being threatened because of his beliefs.

We need God.

Finally, have you heard of Shark Week? Well, there is a post declaring that the most dangerous job– is teaching the Word of God. Brothers and sisters in Christ, let us continue to pray and esteem one another while we are on this walk. Let us pray for holy boldness when we evangelize and cross the seas. Let us make peace wherever we are at.

A special message: If you are in a position of leadership, you have to realize that your main goal is to make peace. You are to be different from the evil we stare at everyday. Will you be the right balance? Will you stand for what is justly and morally right?

The enemy is busy but we all know man makes dark decisions in his heart first.


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