There is No Version of This Where You Come Out On Top


*This post is in response to the Daily Post “Silver Screen” Prompt.

Iron Man and Loki Discuss World(Un)Peace

Watch this clip of Iron Man and Loki, from Avengers have a little chat. Iron Man/Tony Stark reminds Loki that the Avengers will avenge Earth no matter what it takes and Loki makes a comment about having an army and then around 1:44 he says, ” I thought the beast(Hulk) had wandered off.”

And the golden moment: Tony Stark says, “You’re missing the point, there is no throne. No version of this where you come out on top.”

As a believer in Christ who loves superhero cartoons and action packed anime, I enjoy finding those moments of truth that I hold onto for encouragement.

And this was it.

Evil Never Comes Out on Top

When Loki comes down on earth, he makes  a huge assumption in believing people will bow down and worship him because he comes from another place-Asgard. If only he knew that God’s creation and in particular the Avengers by creation or birth are mighty and he will have literal hell to pay.

He is just like the devil.

The devil, our enemy will not stop playing  games. I have to be like Stark and remind myself that he roams like a roaring lion yet there is no version of the biblical story where he wins. Satan and his angels will burn in a lake of fire for all eternity.

An even deeper, psychological problem with Loki, Satan, and Us

If you are not familiar with Loki, then here is a tidbit: He is Thor’s brother but in the movie Thor we learn he is adopted- apologies for the spoiler. Anyway, he wants to be crowned king but Thor took that title and not without hardship from Loki. So now we have a crazy, adopted brother with dreams of ruining the world. He chose that route.

Satan made a choice himself too. Depending on which biblical history you believe, he was chief musician, a viceroy to God himself before he made the choice to want to disobey God. I don’t claim to know the particulars of this and would like to study and pray about that more.  He basically makes it his mission to trip up humans and get them to break God’s heart and I know he has succeeded with some people.

Where do we fit into all of this?

God loves us all and has breathed life and love into our bodies. We are all here for a purpose. All of the Avengers are who they are for a purpose to serve a greater cause. However, those of us intent on doing evil must acknowledge there is an end. A pitiful fate.

We will come out on top. Just protect what is good and have faith.


2 thoughts on “There is No Version of This Where You Come Out On Top”

    1. Hi fantastic Betty!

      I am soooo sorry it took us months to view and respond to your comment. I realize WordPress does make it easy to just see comments from the admin window instead of relying on our email all the time.

      I hope you continue to enjoy our posts as they are meant to uplift as well as provide thoughtful conversation and entertainment as well.

      Erica and Alex

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