Have you met a bount? What to look for during spiritual warfare

Kariya and Ugaki are Bounts from Bleach/Taken from Bleach Wikia

Spiritual warfare is real. This is why I enjoy supernatural anime like “Bleach” and it is the Bount Arc episodes that really exemplify what happens when we encounter those intent on draining our soul.

What happens in the Bount Arc?

In the Bount Arc, Kariya, a bount, drinks from a Bitto-an insect manufactured to drain humans of their blood and thus provide magnificent blood/soul for the bount to grow stronger. Bounts drain people of their souls and they can be alluring. Very alluring. In fact, the bount has recruited a Soul Reaper Ichinose to be his “guard”. Ichinose knows better; he comes from a background meant to kill deadly hollows, protect the land of the living- what is up with that?

We have bounts in this world, folks.

They are meant to drain you dry and there are those whom you love and trust that may be serving these bounts. To explain this type of warfare, I need you to understand what bounts are and the role of a few characters in Bleach.

  • Bounts are a group of humans who lives by consuming human souls.  At one time, they were called vampires.
  • Jin Kariya’s history may take time to explore but just know that he is a bount intent on destroying the Soul Society and he relishes in power and sucking human souls.
  • Then there is Ichinose, he is from the Soul Society but has joined the bounts. What would make someone do that? Ichinose is known for having such a strong sense of justice but because his former captain was a mess and( I guess most captains are a mess in the Soul Society)  he began following Kariya, becasue Kariya saved him from a hollow once.

Now that we know a little something, let’s see if you can spot a bount or a “wannabe” like Ichinose:

Have you ever been around someone that you instantly felt a negative vibe about?

Whenever you have a conversation with them, it completely drains you?(negative talk, gossip, self important talk, condescension?)

Have you met someone who seem to have good morals, good intentions but they were a Ichinose? Feel they owe a bount so they hang on this evil person’s every word and deed?(Folks who marry others with different beliefs, hang around friends with different motives?)

Met a Jin Kariya? A person who is smart but think they can own and control everyone?

This is what it feels like to be around a bount. In fact, the bible has a word on dealing with wicked people and it comes from Psalms 1 which warns against “walking in the counsel of the wicked, sitting in the seats of the ungodly and standing in the way of sinners”(NIV)- our meditations and joy should be in God alone.

I will confess something. I can be really antisocial. It can be a gift and a curse. It is a gift because I am very careful not to hang out with others who do not have good intentions unless I am there to encourage them and give them a Word of God and even that is led by the Holy Spirit. Secondly it can be a curse because when the Lord tells me to go out there and preach his Word or to talk to someone, I freeze up.

I do not hang with bounts as Ichinose does, but spending time with them has been draining on my soul. To counteract it I have to have grace, I have to love. To combat that hate we feel rising off of people we pray harder and pray daily for God’s strength and just thank Him for what he has done and will do on earth as it is in heaven.

Have you met a bount? Are you that bount? Share your thoughts here or share the post with your friends!

Praise the Lord! 🙂


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