A little lesson from InuYasha: Kagome’s jewel shard

Kagome | Rumiko Takahashi

For those who do not know about the Japanese Animation InuYasha, it is about a young, high school girl named Kagome who is also a descendant from a long line of priestesses. She falls into a well one day and lands back in the Feudal Era Japan and meets a “dog-demon” named InuYasha-that’s basically what the name InuYasha means. So in a nutshell, she ends up losing a jewel which was embedded in her body when a monster tries to take it from her. This precious jewel shard is the Shikon Jewel or the Jewel of Four Souls . While trying to get it back from a huge bird, Kagome shoots an arrow at it and it bursts, spreading across the land and caused anyone who possess it to gain power, strength, and sometimes they are very evil.

Okay, back to the present: This post is about our own “jewel” embedded deep on the inside of us, like Kagome. We are born with this and sometimes we have an inkling of what it could be and know it or not, there are those in your family, or friends and associates who see this jewel of purpose inside of you and they will either nurture it or try to harm you. The signs of this is never really clear, its like being down deep in a dark, murky well and confused as to which way is up.

In the animation Kagome was entrusted with a jewel with immense power and in the right hands can cause great good.

What is your jewel of promise and purpose?

Is it the love of writing? Basketball? Teaching? Law?

No matter your career choice we are all entrusted with the jewel of hope, charity and love. Have you shared that as of yet?

Want to know how to keep this jewel on the inside and let it shine?

  • Kagome traveled with people who were of the same goal : They wanted to put the pieces of the shard back together to restore peace and balance to the world again. So the first thing to do is surround yourself with like minded people with positive goals.
  • Realize that no one can really take or possess what your are. You are a princess, prince, king or queen and you deserve to treat yourself with respect so that others will respect you.
  • Everywhere you go, be a blessing . In InuYasha, Kagome, Sango, the lecherous monk, Shippo, and InuYasha himself traveled in a group from town to town and each time they were needed to rescue someone. You don’t have to travel in groups all the time, but you yourself can be a blessing to anyone who comes around you. Give the gift of conversation, or an inspiring word from God, or whatever resource you know you can give.

Remember,  your mission is possible.


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